Bouncy Castles Medway Regulations

Bouncy castles Medway are a great way of entertaining children at any occasion, whether indoors or outdoors. It is usually a fun and above all, a safe form of exercise. However, it is by following rules and regulations that it is possible to have a safe, functional level.
To ensure that your day goes without any problem, I have highlighted a few DO’S and DON’TS rules that if adhered to can result in a safe bouncy castles Medway use.
• Make use of the equipment properly, as it was meant to be used
• Place the blower no less than four feet from the inflatable and ensure that it is placed far away from being an obstruction. Injury can occur if the blower is touched
• Ensure that when purchasing or hiring an inflatable that it has a genuine test certificate that is latest and updated
• Ensure that safety mat is positioned around the entrance to the inflatable. This can help reduce those bumps and scratches.
• Please ensure that all users take away any footwear before making use of the inflatable
• Please attempt to have no less than 4ft of free space completely around the inflatable for staking and for safety purposes
• Please keep all glass objects off of the inflatable
• Ensure that on delivery, pathways towards the erection site is clear of objects
• Ensure that adults and children are guided when making use of the inflatable; it is terrific to see the number of accidents that happen purely due to a lack of effective supervision
• Ensure that the inflatable is suitably anchored, particularly in windy conditions
• Hire or buy your inflatable from a reputable dealer that can provide you with advice and assistance on the safe usage of the inflatable.
• Make sure that the inflatable is deflated immediately after the session has ended to stop any usage that is not supervised.

• Allow people that exceed the stated weight or height restrictions on the inflatable
• Let the bouncers climb the walls of the inflatable; these are designed to keep users safe and climbing them will only lead to accidents.
• Move the castle once it is erected for safety reasons
• Allow drinks or foods on any of the equipment
• Allow users to bounce on the inflatable in the course of deflation; the bounce can result in accidents.
• Throw anything on the inflatable, or at any users.
• Allow persons over the age of fourteen to be on the equipment unless an adult inflatable is ordered and delivered.
• Allow any person under the control of drugs or alcohol to make use of the inflatable.
• Use the inflatable particularly in high winds.
• Allow users to utilize the inflatable if they are with shoes or with any sharp objects, bottles or glasses.
By following these rules and understanding the necessity of safety in the use of the inflatable, it should be possible to enjoy your bouncy castles Medway experience in a safe and ordered manner.