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Over the last several years, different social media platforms have risen in popularity as an internet advertising instrument rather than just for individuals to keep up with what their friends and family are doing. Businesses also utilize social media to promote their items and services while keeping in touch with their customers right away. Nowadays, businesses are putting money into this more popular and immediate format instead of older (e.g. Print) mediums of advertisement.

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., are available via the Web from a laptop or desktop computer, but the most popular by far is via their app on all smartphones. Facebook’s mission is to allow people the ability to share thoughts and opinions, making the world more open and connected.

Due to many users visiting Facebook regularly throughout the day, many businesses have adapted to Facebook as a form of digital marketing to connect with potential customers. They do this by creating a business Facebook page and uploading information about their business, including products and services.


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Once the business Facebook page has been customised, the options are endless. You can start by creating a fan base by inviting people to like the business page, which means when you post information (whatever you like), these chosen people will see your information or posts via their newsfeed, from where they can like and share the information if they wish too.

The most popular strategy for businesses is to either “boost” a specific post out to an audience that they can customise to suit the demographics of there business. e.g. Male or Female (or both), Age group, area or location they work in or target specific people who are interested in their type of service or products.

Or you can create an ad campaign where you can design a certain type of advert, e.g. if you were a plumber and it was the wintertime, you could run an advert on Boiler Repairs. Again you can customise the demographics to target Male or Female (or both), Age group, area or location you want to target and specific people interested in this type of service.

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