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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms over the past few years have gained massive popularity as an online advertising tool and not just for individuals to keep up to date with what there friends and family are up too. Social Media is also used to help businesses promote their products and services and stay in contact with their customers instantly. Nowadays, businesses are transferring budgets that they used to spend on other mediums of advertising that are dated (e.g. Print) to this more popular and direct format.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., are available via the Web from a laptop or desktop computer, but the most popular by far is via their app on all smartphones. Facebook’s mission is to allow people the ability to share thoughts and opinions, making the world more open and connected.

Due to many users visiting Facebook regularly throughout the day, many businesses have adapted to Facebook as a form of digital marketing to connect with potential customers. They do this by creating a business Facebook page and uploading information about their business, including products and services.

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We can advise and set up a long and short-term advertising strategy accordingly to ensure that your business gets the correct type of coverage to generate the right level of enquiries, with the advertising budget you have available and meet your specific business goals.


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Once the business Facebook page has been customised, the options are endless. You can start by creating a fan base by inviting people to like the business page, which means when you post information (whatever you like), these chosen people will see your information or posts via their newsfeed, from where they can like and share the information if they wish too.

The most popular strategy for businesses is to either “boost” a specific post out to an audience that they can customise to suit the demographics of there business. e.g. Male or Female (or both), Age group, area or location they work in or target specific people who are interested in their type of service or products.

Or you can create an ad campaign where you can design a certain type of advert, e.g. if you were a plumber and it was the wintertime, you could run an advert on Boiler Repairs. Again you can customise the demographics to target Male or Female (or both), Age group, area or location you want to target and specific people interested in this type of service.

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Big Fish Social Media has a wealth of experience in this advertising style and manages and maintains Facebook pages and campaigns on behalf of our clients. If you feel that its time to shake up your advertising strategy and try something new and different, contact us for more information.

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Many Small to Medium-sized businesses are unsure of where to invest their advertising budget nowadays. Big Fish Social Media can help due to over 30 years of bespoke marketing experience with small to medium-sized businesses.

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Social Media can be a mind field nowadays, and many small to medium businesses don't have the time and patients to manage a Facebook and Twitter page, but we do!!!


There is a lot more to pay per click than just giving search engines money for clicks. With 30 years of bespoke experience in managing Adwords campaigns for businesses, we know how to get the best for you.


With many different online approaches available Big Fish Social Media offers a bespoke hands-on service for your SEO to ensure you're not wasting money and getting the right service.

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Is your current website looking tired, old and now it isn't mobile and tablet friendly. Is your competitor's website better? What ever the reason is, Big Fish Social Media can help.

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If you are a small to medium business, you have probably been sold the dream in the past with never came true. Our business is bespoke, so you can contact us 24/7.

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